** All earnings from book sales go directly to the Romania Missions Fund, which is overseen by the eldership of Deerfoot church of Christ.


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Have you ever wondered what Paul meant when he said “For me to live is Christ, and to dies is gain.”? Have you ever desired to fulfill something in your life that is bigger than you? If these are questions you want to find answers to, then this book is perfect for you. This book is an easy to follow and understand study of God’s Word. This book is composed of thirteen chapters of what living for Christ is and isn’t. Each one of the thirteen chapters concludes with discussion questions, which makes this book perfect for a youth or adult Bible class.

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Two sermons on fulfilling God’s mission and keeping the Church holy. Monetary gains made from this book go straight into a mission’s fund for Romania. Both of these sermons can be used and taught freely without having to recognize the author of these sermons.