Participating in God’s Mission (Part I)

Now more than ever, we need individuals in the Church who are willing to participate in God’s mission – to redeem mankind. I cannot tell you how many times I have heard these quotes said by members of the Church:

“If only people had the gospel, the world would be a much better place.”

“The world is evil because it doesn’t have Jesus.”

“If the gospel was taught in our schools, then we wouldn’t be having as much issues today.”

While some of these quotes are true, I am more troubled by many of the individuals who make these complaints. Many of the people who make these complaints are the same people who are quick to compare individuals with differing beliefs as themselves to “the Antichrist” or “a demon” or “Hitler”. It doesn’t help that these individuals also display hypocrisy themselves (and many times, I have been guilty of this as well). Although we want the world to hear the gospel and respond to it, it requires some sort of action on our part. The action I am speaking of is NOT a rant on Facebook, or even sitting in a pew listening to a sermon once-a-week. The action I am speaking of is us being willing to take the gospel to them.

The preacher is usually seen as “the face of the congregation”. However, how beautiful would it be if every single individual was seen as the face of the congregation because they are on fire for the Lord?! Are we so pricked by the Word of God that we cannot help but tell everyone else around us? In Jeremiah 20:9, Jeremiah was so touched by the message given to him by God that he could not bear to keep it inside himself! How many of us can say with confidence that we have this same kind of passion?

We have passion about many things, whether it be sports, politics, or our hobbies. As Christians, we need to have a passion for Christ.


Over the next few weeks, I will be posting more articles on the importance of participating in God’s Mission. Not only will I discuss ‘why’ Christians must participate, but ‘how’ and ‘in what ways’ we can.

Have a great week.




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