Romania Mission Trip – Final Report

255px-Flag_of_Romania.svg (1)

Well, this report has come a bit later than expected, but here it is.

Romania was one of the best experiences I have ever had in my life. The work that is being done in Oradea, Romania is very fascinating and I am so thankful that I got to go with two members of the Tenth Street coC (Opelika, Al).

As mentioned in previous articles, my team and I were teaching English to Romanians through the Bible. I had 8 students in all, and 7 students displayed at least some interest in the Bible. 7 of my students were of similar age, which allowed for me to relate to them better. I really enjoyed the teaching and study material provided by WEI (World English Institute). If the students did not want to study the Bible, then by teaching English through the Bible an interest could be sparked. And that was the case with many of my students.

The congregation itself is a wonderful congregation of about 20-30 members. However, there is no eldership. There are two men who are qualified to be elders, but further growth and spiritual maturity is necessary in order to start the eldership.

The congregation is still in need of further growth, but as I’ve mentioned earlier, the work being done in Romania is legit and beautiful.



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