România Week 1

255px-Flag_of_Romania.svg (1)

How do I describe my first week in Romania?? Can I even really begin to describe it? Can I even put into words how amazing and fruitful this experience has been?

I don’t think I can. So this report I am about to write is an extreme understatement of how great this past week was.

I travelled to Romania with two me, both of whom I had never met until the morning of our departure. We travelled to Romania to teach Romanians English (which I am not too great at, but was able to help with pronunciation) through the Bible. I have 6 students: Noemi, Sonia (and Cristina), Paula, Alexia, Ioana, and Mircea. Of the 6 students, 5 expressed interest in the subject matter. These students were very kind and attentive, although some were more worldly in the way they acted.

One student in particular has expressed extreme interest in the Church and is even interested in possibly attending worship service next Sunday.

I will publish a final report to this blog this next weekend and include a detailed itinerary of my two weeks.


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