Tempted and Tried, I’m oft made to wonder

Lately, a certain hymn has been playing in the back of my head. Usually when a hymn is stuck in my head, it’s because it is the most recent one I’ve heard. But this is not the case, because I have not heard or sung this song in church service for a while. This hymn I am thinking of is “Farther Along.”

If there are any lyrics that speak to me right now, it is the lyrics of this particular song.

Lately, I’ve felt my mind do a lot of wondering. Probably too much wondering. I go through certain trials and temptations and the only  thing that I can think to ask is “Why are you putting me through this God? Why do I have to face this challenge? Why does everyone else live life comfortably and seem happy all the time, but I don’t?”

It’s taken me a while to accept the fact that good people don’t always get good in return. Some good people get rejected, beaten down, and emotionally hurt by others. Good people lose friends, get anxiety, and suffer persecution. I may not have been through all of these, but I know of a man who has. His name was Jesus.

Jesus was and still remains the only perfect man to exist. I generally consider myself to be a good dude, but I pale in comparison to Jesus. Before the mirror of sinless perfection, I am a chief of sinners. And Jesus, the most perfect being to exist, managed to come down from Heaven and have one of his disciples betray him and have another act like he didn’t even know him. Then, an entire mob hated him so bad that they nailed him to a tree. Perfection was met with rejection.

Many of us who are good will be rejected. But let us not worry about it. In James 1:2, we are told to be joyful when we go under various trials. If we could turn our worry into joy, we would be so much happier in life. In Acts 5:40-42, a few of the Apostles were beaten. They didn’t cry, rather they rejoiced. And that puts a smile on my face.

So if you are living a righteous life, but are going through rough trials, just know that the peace of God and his rich blessings in Christ can bring you joy. 😄😄

have a blessed week


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