Remember My Chains

“Remember my chains.” Paul says this in the closing of his letter to the Colossians (Col. 4:18). This to me is one of the most powerful statements Paul ever states in any of his letters. Many Christians today, especially in America, have more luxury than the the apostles did back in the 1st century. I think we take this luxury for granted and we have become too comfortable and content with where we are at as a Church.

Many Christians believe that living the Christian life CAUSES a life of luxury, but I would disagree. Every apostle in the Bible died bad- and I mean real bad. Christians in the 1st century were persecuted and punished for believing in Christ and spreading his message. Paul was imprisoned and beheaded. Peter was beaten and crucified upside down. John was exiled to an Island where he died alone. The Gospel of Christ is not about what physical blessings he can bring you, it is about focusing on Jesus so you can be redeemed and brought closer to God.

Life won’t be easy. Serving Jesus won’t bring you physical blessings, but serve Him regardless, because He is the way, the truth, and the life. He will bring you to the Father.
“Remember my Chains”.


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