Are You Praying Today?

How do we communicate to God directly today? Some are “persuaded” that they can talk to God directly as if they were prophets, as if God gave them some “divine knowledge”. This should not be the case because Jesus was enough. Since he came to redeem us from our sins, we do not need any more prophets or spiritual leaders to come and save us. So how do we communicate with God directly today?

We communicate directly to God through prayer. There are several verses mentioned in the Bible about praying and why it is necessary (Psalms 17:6, 1 John 5:14, 1 Timothy 2:1-2, etc.). Just like our parents expect us to communicate with them, God expects us (his children) to communicate with him. He not only wants to hear praise, but he also wants to hear your honest confessions, requests, and prayers for forgiveness. Aside from the fact that praying is commanded, everyone should be doing it anyways. He loved you SO much that he sent his only son on the cross to die for your sins. The least you could do is love him SO much to put your faith and trust in him with your prayers.

So, the question is, Are you Praying Today?


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